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Victoria Verbaan


Victoria studied Fine Art at The University of Cape Town and Art Direction and Graphic design at the Red & Yellow School, and her art has been featured in British Vogue and The World of Interiors. She describes her work as surreal, dreamy, fiercely optimistic, and enthusiastic.

"Painting and illustrating have always played a significant role; through my work, I try to evoke emotions of kindness, strength, compassion and passion - these are traits which help define beauty in all women," she says.

Victoria Verbaan posters

Victoria Verbaan is a multi-talented artist from South Africa. She creates illustrations, clay sculptures, and paintings in watercolors. Victoria Verbaans art at Desenio is feminine created with light but powerful brushstrokes that give the poster an aesthetic and elegant expression.

Victoria gets her inspiration from her everyday life and all her surroundings like nature, and emotions. Victoria’s work has been featured in British Vogue, Elle decorations, and The World of Interiors. She describes her feminine art; ”I paint strong yet sensitive women both provocative and quirky.” Find your favorite art from Victoria Verbaan at Desenio!