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Estelle Graf


Beginning her career as an Art Director in Paris, Estelle Graf now lives and works in Stockholm. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and featured in PLAZA, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Known for her satirical artwork, her pieces explore what it means to be human.

"The methods we have developed to hide our instincts and heritage are both touching and weird. The idea that we're all just pigs and frogs with sophisticated behaviour is intriguing," she says.

Estelle's art is all about storytelling and a way for her to explore her thoughts.

"I love giving the observer small fragments from longer stories or more complex thoughts. The observer then has to attribute with their own associations to complete it. That is probably why people interpret what I do so very differently - because I purposely leave room for it."

Estelle Graf

Estelle Graf’s art is very creative and out-of-the-box thinking with a lot of colours and emotions. She is a Swedish creator who has both worked and studied in Paris and New York and is now based in Stockholm. We at Desenio are very proud to have her art in our selection.

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