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Henry Rivers


The Travel Poster Co. collection has been created by the British illustrator Henry Rivers and comprises graphical posters depicting the world’s most beloved cities, such as Paris, New York and Copenhagen. With a clear interest in architecture, and drawing inspiration from vintage travel advertising, Henry Rivers creates colourful prints containing playful details in a minimalist style. Henry Rivers’ designs represent the perfect combination of retro and modern art.

Modern pictures by Henry Rivers

We are proud to present the illustrator Henry Rivers’ popular Travel Poster Co. collection which, combining a playful spirit, beautiful colours and an eye for detail, captures the soul of some of the world’s most popular places.

The Travel Poster Co. collection features vintage travel posters depicting well-known landmarks, monuments and iconic sights from all around the world. Pictures of New York, Barcelona or Antarctica – choose your favourite place or dream destination, and adorn your walls with these beautiful modern interpretations of vintage pictures. Henry Rivers interprets everything from big cities and small quaint villages to beautiful designs drawn from nature.

Drawing upon his architectural background, Henry Rivers combines his love of travel and discovery with inspiration taken from retro advertising in order to create his graphical posters with a minimalist style. All prints and posters are printed on high quality premium paper with an exclusive, matte finish.