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Richard Podgurski


I believe that we’re all born artists, but the trick is - how do you stay one? My work tends to be extremely weather-focused and “in the moment”. I enjoy capturing unique and rare events that Mother Nature throws at us: I tend to thrive when time is of the essence.

Art is extremely interruptive, but I enjoy conveying the emotions I wanted to display, and bringing out those emotions in those who look at my images. I love evoking thought and imagination. 

Prints by Richard Podgurski

Explore Richard Podgurski's print collection here at Desenio! The photo art features summery prints capturing some of the world's most beautiful locations. Podgurski is largely inspired by his peers and favourite artists, and always has his camera with him. When travelling he is passionate about showcasing the wonders of nature.

If you're looking for photo art in bright colours or a classic black and white style, Richard Podgurski's photo art is a perfect choice. The prints can easily be combined in a gallery wall, or alone to make a statement. Shop your favourite prints now!