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Megan Galante


After studying painting and sculpture at art school, Megan Galante started working as a textile artist. Her work is whimsical and sometimes, humorous, focusing on movement and colour through mostly botanical subject matters. She is inspired by nature and learning about the history and symbolism of flowers.

Prints by Megan Galante

Welcome to the creative world of Megan Galante, a talented artist whose journey to becoming a creative artist is an inspiring story of passion and dedication. From a young age, Megan’s love for drawing was evident. She knew that art was her true calling. After high school, she moved to NYC, where she attended art school, immersing herself in the realms of painting and sculpture.

As Megan’s artistic career evolved, she found her niche in textile art, a field that aligned with her desire to pursue illustration for a living. Today, her artwork has a whimsical and humorous touch, characterised by movement and vibrant colours. Nature is Megan’s ultimate muse, and the beauty of the great outdoors always fuels her creativity. Through her art, she aims to give a sense of tranquillity, embracing the beauty found in nature.

Megan uses gouache as her medium of choice. Before starting a new piece, she indulges in the joy of creating colour palettes, drawing from her knowledge of colour theory. As with many artists, challenges arise, and for Megan, it’s the struggle to find moments of stillness and contemplation in the middle of the bustling demands of life. However, her dedication to art remains, and she always finds her way back to her sanctuary.

Welcome to Megan Galante’s world, where botanical art and vibrant colours intertwine to create a joyful artistic journey. Explore her delightful collection here and let the magic of nature’s beauty sweep you away.