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Julia Ockert


Painting had always been a passion of Julia’s. Still, it wasn’t until after she had worked as a digital designer for a few years after university that she focused on becoming an artist.

“I often explore different subjects, mediums, and styles. My love of detail, light and shadows, and the theme of nostalgia shows in all my work.”

Julia draws inspiration from classical music, 1970s photography and patterns in nature.

“The medium I have the most fun with and feel is vastly underrated and overlooked would be oil pastels!”

Watercolour prints by Julia Ockert

Julia Ockert is a full-time artist based in Canberra, Australia. Julia is specialized in art paintings, and her preferred medium to work with is watercolours. However, she loves to work with oils and acrylics as well. 

She likes to paint with interesting light and shadows. Subjects in her work vary but often unite nostalgia and warmth. She sees art and creativity as a way to communicate and connect. Her goal is to inspire and spread joy to others through her work.

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