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Line art

Canvas prints

Join the trend and find your favourite line art canvas! This minimalistic yet expressive art style is one of our most loved ones. In this category, we offer a wide range of line art, in different styles and designs. Whether you love line art in colours or black and white, you can find your new favourite canvas at Desenio. Line art canvases are perfect for gallery walls, but will also look just as beautiful on their own.

Line art

Trendy line art canvas is a trend we never want to go away! We have gathered all our favourite line art for you to explore. Whether you love colour or prefer classic line art in black and white, we have got you covered.

Browse among our large selection of line art on canvas, featuring soft contours and elegant silhouettes. This modern yet timeless look will give your home a stylish finish and make sure you stay on top of trends. Find your favourite line art from our assortment filled with faces, bodies, nature, and much more. Mix and match different styles and tones to bring out the best of your home, all while staying trendy.

We offer a wide range of styles in our line art category, and there is something for every taste. Pair your line art with your favourites from the same category, or mix them with other canvas art for a more personal gallery wall. Discover more of our canvas art in different styles in our dedicated category.